At 1776 Moving & Storage, we understand that shipping freight isn’t as simple as getting merchandise from point A to point B. Freight does not simply get picked up with a moving truck, shipped and then dropped off at it’s destination. There are many stops along the way. The most important stop is picking up and delivering from your shipment’s final hub.

At 1776 Moving & Storage, we know how critical it is for Florida businesses to get the goods they need. So, we offer comprehensive last mile delivery services. Not only do we supply the moving truck or trucks, but we also offer FF&E services to unpack and install any shipment. Rest assured, whether your goods are arriving at the shipyard or at a trucking hub, we have you covered.

What You Can Expect From Last Mile Delivery At 1776 Moving & Storage

We offer a vast range of services, including project management, reverse logistics, and LTL pickup. We transport your merchandise in vehicles with state of the art security systems and air-ride suspension. So your goods are not only secure, but the smooth ride ensures they’ll arrive safely and intact. Also, if we’re picking up new equipment to replace outdated equipment, we can help you haul, repurpose or recycle what you no longer need.

We don’t just offer moving trucks, we offer storage options, as well. Did your freight arrive before you have the room to receive it? No problem, we have the storage solutions you need.

We stand by our commitment to your business and businesses throughout Florida. In fact, that commitment earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. But more importantly, we’re a Florida business, just like yours. We understand the value of quality service and how important you are to our great state.

With 1776 Moving And Storage, You Have Options

1776 Moving & Storage isn’t just a moving truck business, we offer valuable last mile delivery. Our comprehensive services include LTL pickup and reverse logistics.

We’re committed to Florida businesses like yours. Contact us to find out how we can assist your business with the last mile of its precious cargo.


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