Moving internationally is challenging enough. You have to find a home, sometimes remotely. You need to make sure your visa and your family’s visas are in order. You need to make sure you’ve updated your international driving permit, and secured your children’s school. You may even need to transfer your banking. Packing and shipping is another serving heaped onto your already full plate. In short, you are taking care of enough. You need moving services that will care for your belongings as much as you do. 1776 Moving & Storage has the knowledge and capacity to help your family safely and successfully move to your new home overseas.

1776 Moving & Storage Takes The Stress Out Of Moving Overseas

We understand all of the updated customs laws and freight standards, so you don’t have to. We can help you devise a plan that will get your family’s belongings to your new home, as quickly as possible. We also offer straightforward quotes and estimates, because there is so much uncertainty with international relocations, the care and transport of your priceless possessions should not be uncertain.

If you’re temporarily moving overseas, we have long-term and short-term storage services for any belongings that aren’t essential to your move. For those considering a local move, we provide top-notch services tailored to your needs. You can rest assured that your irreplaceable memories and the belongings that are the essence of your home will be safe with us. We fully understand the moving business, we know that moving is difficult enough. Whether you're relocating internationally or need a residential move, we treat your family like our own. So whether you’re moving back to your home country, or you’re heading someplace new, 1776 Moving & Storage has you covered. We specialize in both international and long-distance moving, offering solutions for every scenario.

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Packing Options For The Long Trip To Your New Home

We offer a wide variety of packing options for international moves, because it’s far different than trucking to the next neighborhood and unpacking. Your belongings with be shipped or flown to their new destination, and that requires a good amount of unloading and reloading. There’s a huge margin of error and, if your treasures are not packed just right, they may end up lost or broken. We know what materials work best to pack your individual belongings. We also know how to strategically pack your home, to minimize or even eliminate breakage. This means the belongings that make your house or apartment feel like home will be in tack, wherever you land.

Feel Like You’re Home Anywhere In The World

Is your Orlando business moving you to their overseas office? Whether it's an overseas transfer or a commercial move, we have the expertise to assist you. Do you work remotely and need a change of pace? Are you sabbatical and temporarily moving? 1776 Moving & Storage has the know-how and solutions for every conceivable moving scenario.

1776 Moving & Storage’s moving services help to move Orlando families anywhere around the world. Whether it’s down the street or to another continent, we treat your family like our own. Contact us for more information on how we can make your overseas move one step closer to being home again.


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