Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

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1776 Moving & Storage Has A Solution For Every Business

No one business is exactly alike. 1776 Moving & Storage understands that each business has unique equipment and criteria for rebuilding and installing that equipment. The best moving companies have experts who have experience packing, loading and installing a wide range of furniture, fixtures and equipment. Whether you need a dental chair, a barber’s chair or an office chair installed, 1776 Moving & Storage can get the job done right.

We also help you to stay on time and budget. We have the manpower to get your new location unpacked and set up within your timeframe. Because faster set up and installation time means less downtime for your business.

Maybe your company is taking over the suite next door or you’ve decided to update and remodel. Not only do we offer packing, moving and installation options, we also offer long and short-term storage services for any sized business. Like all the best moving companies, 1776 Moving & Storage can help you to do everything shy of the remodeling itself. We can even help with the disposal, recycling or repurposing of old equipment while we install your new equipment.

Let Us Help Your Business Change And Grow

As a proud Florida business, we love to help other Florida companies change, grow and thrive. 1776 Moving & Storage is a proud member of American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). We serve businesses in our local Orlando community, as well throughout Florida. We also look forward to serving the South Florida, West Palm Beach/Boynton Beach area, from Jupiter down to Ft. Lauderdale.

Contact us for more information on how we can pack, move install or help renovate your business. We’re dedicated to helping fellow Florida businesses grow.
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