An interstate move is one that takes you across state lines and is generally more involved than an intrastate move (within the state). Interstate moving is more complicated, not only because of the regulations involved, but because you’re transporting your most valuable possessions a longer distance. This requires knowledge of regulations, certification, and the most important ingredient: care.

Interstate Moves Work A Differently Than Intrastate Moves

The movers at 1776 Moving & Storage are FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) licensed interstate moving company, which means they follow and fit the federal standards necessary to transport your belongings over state lines. But, more importantly, we know that the contents of your home are precious. Belongings like a photo album or a silver-plated locket may seem worthless to others, but we know that the memories are what make these things priceless. We treat your priceless belongings like the treasures they are.

We offer packing options on every level. When you’re moving across state lines, it’s more important than ever to partner with a company who knows how to properly pack your treasures. This is because your belongings will be in the truck for longer and have the possibility of being jostled loose or even broken. Choosing an interstate moving company who knows what materials to use and how to pack with those materials means your treasures will make it to your final destination in one piece.

We offer moving and storage options, because we know that interstate moves are not always seamless. You may be expected at your new job before you get the key to your new home. Or your business may offer you a temporary apartment while you house hunt. Whether you move everything, store everything, or something in between, 1776 Moving & Storage has both long-term and short-term options for you.

Helpful Tips For Interstate Moving 

If you’ve probably guessed, this isn’t our first interstate move, but we understand that it may be yours! Learn from our experiences; here’s some helpful information to de-stress your interstate move.

  • Every interstate move requires an estimate. Companies that have the technology to support remote walkthroughs are very helpful.
  • Provide your estimator with a detailed inventory of all items to be moved.
  • Don’t let your estimator rush you.
  • Double check, don’t assume your estimator is accounting for anything.
  • Let your moving company know if you require any packing.
  • Get all estimates in writing and make sure everything you plan to move is reflected in the estimate.
  • Look over all of the terms and conditions to see if there are extra charges not included in the estimate.
  • If you’re packing some or all of your own items, be sure all of your boxes are taped shut, completely packed and thoroughly labeled.
  • Be sure to inform your salesperson of your delivery address and discuss delivery conditions.

Expert Tip: If you’d like to tip your mover, make sure you have cash on hand. You won’t likely be able to tip via credit card. We suggest tipping your movers. They make it their job to treat your valuables like their own.

Moving Out Of Orlando Can Still Feel Like Home

1776 Moving & Storage serves interstate moves from Florida to Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama, as well as South and North Carolina. We’ll soon be serving the South Florida West Palm Beach/Boynton Beach area, from Jupiter down to Ft Lauderdale.

We’ve made the southeast our home. Let’s help you make the southeast your home. Contact us to find out more about our interstate packing, moving and storage options.


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