At 1776 Moving & Storage we know how stressful moving can be. But there are ways to alleviate some of that stress and make your move smoother. Hiring the right moving company in Orlando is one way to simplify your move, but there are other, smaller tips that can help the process along. This ultimate guide to simplifying and de-stressing your move is a combination of our knowledge as movers and our own experience moving. We hope our advice and services can keep you smiling throughout the process.

Here Is Some Expert Advice On How To Organize And De-Stress Your Move:

Check Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy.
You want to make sure you know what your policy covers and how much it covers. Your moving company in Orlando has their own coverage, but it’s best to have overlapping coverage.

Measure Your New Home.
This may sound odd, but you want to measure your new home to make sure your furniture fits. If something doesn’t fit or work in your new home, you’ll have time to donate it and replace it with something that does. Plus, you won’t be spending money on packing and moving items that don’t fit.

One Room Per Day.
Getting your house ready for moving sometimes feels overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to! Go through one room each day. Get rid of items you don’t want or need just in that room. Give yourself frequent breaks and try not to get distracted by other rooms. This way, you’ll be ready for movers and packers in no time.

Removing Light Bulbs Is A Bright Idea.
Remove the light bulbs from your lights, because they are likely to break in the move. The last thing you want to worry about is broken glass while you’re unpacking. Expert tip: Use oven mitts to remove light bulbs. Sometimes the oils in your hands can shatter the glass when you try to remove the bulb.

Drain The Fuel From Gas Powered Equipment.
This allows your moving company in Orlando to safely transport equipment with little or no chance of fire hazard.

Speak With Your Movers About Fragile Items.
Letting your movers know how to handle fragile items will help them to move your priceless items more securely.

Don’t Talk To The Movers While They Work.
There’s nothing wrong with offering your movers some water during break time. But it’s important not to speak to movers while they’re in the process of moving an item or box. Your items might get damaged and your movers might get injured, because they’re distracted.

Extra Moving Day Tips
• Before you let our moving trucks leave, do a sweep of the house. When the movers have unloaded, do a sweep of the moving trucks as well.

• You can’t split yourself in half. If you’re in your old home, make sure there’s a responsible friend or family member in your new home. This way, if something needs attending to, they can contact you.

• If you have the flexibility, schedule your move for a time other than the end of the month or the weekend. You will receive better all around service.

• Have cash if you intend to tip. In most cases you will not be able to tip on the credit card.

If You Packed Yourself

• Have everything packed and sealed up in appropriate boxes. No open tops or items packed in bags.

• Label your boxes with a list of contents and what room they’re intended for.

• Disassemble beds, desks or any other furniture that requires disassembling.

• Have artwork, wall hangings and pictures off the wall and properly packed.

• Have all packing finished prior to the movers arriving. Packing always takes longer than you might think, so start early.

For More Advice On A Stress Free Move, Contact 1776 Moving & Storage

At 1776 Moving & Storage we are the moving company in Orlando with the experience to guide you through every step of your move.

Contact us for more advice and tips on how to simplify and de-stress your move. We also offer packing and storage options for any and every size home or business.


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